Meetings are at Pizza Villa Restaurant, 21501 Village Lakes Center, in Land O Lakes.  Times TBA.  Anybody of any political party is welcome as long as they want a government that serves all citizens, not just a wealthy few.

North Tampa Bay Progressives

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 To make communication easy, we have a discussion group that is open to the public.  Constructive comments are welcome.
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The goal of North Tampa Bay Progressives is to be a model that others can copy and possibly improve on.  Let's find something that works!

The goal? A nationwide network of progressive groups that elect people to office from city council to President.  This network becomes a force that politicians learn to fear and respect, because if they don't they will not be in office any more.

How do we do this?  We agree with Robert Reich that both Occupy Wall St and the Tea Party were attacking the same problem - the government bailout of the people who created the 2007 recession, which rewarded them by vastly increasing their wealth at the expense of the rest of us.  We then get people in both sides to come together and build a society that works for the benefit of everyone in it.  That way, we can get large enough to have true political power.

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Many thanks to Robert Reich for his excellent illustrations and the very well thought out ideas they represent.  These ideas form a large part of the foundation of this website.  


 We are interested in anything that is fact based, fair, and makes the world a better place to live for as many people as possible.

"Here’s a slideshow of the illustrations I did for the new (and expanded) paperback edition of BEYOND OUTRAGE – just out.  First time I’ve illustrated my own book (or any other for that matter). Hope you enjoy them. "

Robert Reich

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Continuing the revolution started by Bernie Sanders

North Tampa Bay Progressives